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Our Free Scripts Installer platform allows for a fully automatic installation of more than 30 increasingly popular PHP scripts for extremely easy set-up of your websites with just a single click.

Through this tool you get various applications pre-installed in your web hosting account upon sign-up. You can also automatically install later on any of the over 40 popular PHP script from the Free Scripts Installer catalogue. This way, you will be able to host, for example, a blog, a forum, an e-commerce store, within one hosting account, should you need to.

Free 1-click Script Installation at any time

The popular scripts in the Free Scripts Installer tool are divided into several sections, including Ad Management, Blog, Calendar, Classified Ads, Content Management, Customer Support, Discussion Boards, E-Commerce, Groupware Tools, Guestbooks, Image Galleries, Web Hosting Tools, Wiki. Simply browse to the desired category, choose your script and click on the quick free script installation link.

To get a better idea about the tool`s money saving power, please have a look at the table below, displaying detailed information about the average fees required by companies and freelance specialists for the installation of some of the most popular Open Source PHP scripts:

PHP Script Costo installazione da terza persona Costo installazione da specialista Con noi RISPARMIO ORDINA ADESSO
Joomla €45 €140 GRATIS Fino a €140 CartInstalla
Wordpress €45 €45 GRATIS Fino a €45 CartInstalla
Coppermine €70 €119 GRATIS Fino a €119 CartInstalla
phpbb2 €45 €50 GRATIS Fino a €50 CartInstalla
OSCommerce €35 €120 GRATIS Fino a €120 CartInstalla
SMF Forum €45 €50 GRATIS Fino a €50 CartInstalla
Mambo €45 €75 GRATIS Fino a €75 CartInstalla
Gallery2 €60 €120 GRATIS Fino a €120 CartInstalla
Drupal €35 €75 GRATIS Fino a €75 CartInstalla
Moodle €45 €65 GRATIS Fino a €65 CartInstalla
4images €35 €95 GRATIS Fino a €95 CartInstalla
phpbb3 €45 €50 GRATIS Fino a €50 CartInstalla
phpfusion €50 €120 GRATIS Fino a €120 CartInstalla
Open Classifieds €40 €35 GRATIS Fino a €40 CartInstalla
MovableType €35 €45 GRATIS Fino a €45 CartInstalla
Media costo totale: €595 €1.204 GRATIS Risparmio fino a: €1.209  
PHP Script Costo installazione da terza persona Costo installazione da specialista Con noi RISPARMIO ORDINA ADESSO

Huge Savings with each plan


Please, note that the prices displayed are valid only for the basic installation of one popular PHP script and do not include further configuration or support services.


Is it necessary for you to pay around €1200 for installation or pre-installation of only a few of your desired PHP scripts?


Not any more! All scripts are available to you now absolutely free of charge through the Free Scripts Installer included in each of our web hosting plans!


How to get your free 1-click script installation


To choose your script, please go to the Free Scripts Installer page, scroll to the script you need and then click the 1-click install link. Another way to get your desired script pre-installed with the Free Scripts Installer is to simply choose one of our web hosting plans, then to choose the script which you want to install and to complete your order. Once your payment is approved and your hosting plan is activated you will get your script readily installed in your newly created account.


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